Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dirty Diamonds Tour- These Ladies Take Pebbles From The Pavement And Turn Them Into Gems…

By Madame Margherite

Described as "powerhouse vocalists", Corina Corina and Angi3 are currently on their third consecutive tour and outlining a fourth one set to follow no later than when this one is done. These ladies embody female empowerment by letting listeners know that they stay on the grind and can't be silenced. With their popular hit, Walk a Mile, they outline the systemic social practice of underestimating women, and combat it with raw, uncontainable talent and fierce ambition that can be felt even if not heard.

Their unique style is a pure representation of every single experience they have had while on the road, and in life. They take everything that society deems unworthy of attention and convert it into something irresistible and impossible to ignore. In Corina Corina's first album, The Eargasm, she tackles and sings freely about the realities of love between women, replacing shame with pride, and her latest album, The Free Way, addresses unpopular issues such as American Privilege; a topic widely shied away from by mainstream media. However, this woman is true to her opinions, stands firm beside her lifestyle and is fearless of societal backlash. "If you don't like it, don't look" is what her musical posture says to audiences.

Angi3 on the other hand, has a knack for infiltrating the mainstream, corporate world with her musical talents, and easily adaptable ways. With corporations like Cosmopolitan, ABC, MTV, and NBC under her belt as a featured artist, she knows how to work the system without compromising her uniquely untouchable artistic style. While everyone else is beating around the bush, Angi3 is giving it to us straight, holding back no aspects of her feelings; evidence lay within the lyrics of songs like Damage and Talk Sh*t. The titles alone speak for themselves.

These women do not let misogyny or male dominated areas of their profession stand in their way. They plow right through anyone who puts them to the test and they convey a strength and confidence that is a whole new kind of sexy to pop and the Hip-Hop industry. Labeled as "Indie", their success within the genre is the epitome and definition of Independent. Through straight up collaboration and population, Corina Corina and Angi3 have taken their Dirty Diamonds Tour from Portland, to Cincinnati, Chicago, Virginia, Ohio, the city, the boondocks, paradise and everywhere in between; best yet, they're only about half way through!

So check out these amazing women, soak up their energy, feel their vibe, and recognize their hard work and dedication to moving through music with purpose. They'll be in your town sooner or later so keep your eyes peeled; you won't want to miss the movement.


Upcoming Dirty Diamonds Tour Dates to Come:
Wednesday 9/9/2015 Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lamp
Thursday 9/10/2015 Eugene, OR @ The Granary
Friday 9/11/2015 Bellingham, WA @ The Swillery
Saturday 9/12/2015 Longview, WA @ Club 360
Sunday 9/13/2015 Seattle, WA @ 88 Keys
Tuesday 9/15/2015 Olympia, WA @ Le Voyeur
Thursday 9/17/2015 Portland, OR @ The Panic Room
Friday 9/18/2015 Hood River, OR @ Trillium Cafe
Saturday 9/19/2015 San Jose, CA @ Back B
Sunday 9/20/2015 Berkeley, CA @ The Gilman
Friday 10/2/2015 San Francisco, CA @ Amnesia
Thursday 10/15/2015 Buffalo, NY @ DTR Headquarters
Thursday 10/22/2015 Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor
Friday 10/30/2015 Brooklyn, NY @ Friends and Lovers