Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Five Exotic Dogs Eccentric Americans Can’t Live Without...

By Madame Margherite

For anyone who thinks owning a dog is squarely conventional, we have a list of pups that would beg to differ. While each and every dog in our giant world is indeed unique in their own way, there are breeds so exotic they have even the most eccentric members of the dog loving community in awe of their existence. From quirky critters with no hair, to massive mastiffs, the world of pets is full of surprises.

Featured dog number one is a peculiarly spunky pooch, the Chinese Crested. This toy breed is mostly hairless with the exception of a small patch of long silky fur sprouting from the tops of their heads, and a few strands at the end of their tails and paws. These dogs could easily be rock stars with a do like that. Their superbly soft delicate skin is usually dark in pigment differing from the small bunches of fur they grow, which is usually white. Also, Chinese Crested dogs are good for more than just their looks; they are also skilled rodent hunters used on ships to ward off rats. These tiny, tough, travelers are certainly one of the most exotic breeds you can find.

Second, we note Thai Ridgebacks. Though these dogs are mainly used for their guarding abilities but their superior good looks are undeniable. Their most distinctive visual trait is the ridge along their back of fur that grows in the opposite direction of the rest of their coats, hence the origin of such a name. However, the coloring of Ridgebacks certainly contributes to their unique esthetics. Their short solid coats are most commonly a rich blue-gray, perfect black, or a striking red and they have no undercoat, just one single layer of stiff fur.

Our third mention is another small peppy pup known as the Mi-Ki; even its name is exotic. Weighing in at an average of five pounds, these dogs are mainly fur. Their long silky feathered coats delicately blow in the wind as they trot along. The Mi-Ki’s most visually striking feature would be their ears. This long flowing fur also grows from Mi-Ki’s perky upright ears making them resemble wings. These tiny exotic lap dogs are simply angelic.

Fourth we bring you the Tibetan Mastiff; this breed is impressive due to its height and weight. Tibetan Mastiffs can be up to 180 lbs and stand as tall as 32 inches. That’s massive for a dog. Also, most Mastiffs have short coats; but this unique breed is extremely fluffy, so much so that their fur almost hides their faces. While these dogs are great family pets, and are highly protective, they are quite costly to feed and contain. Perhaps a pony might be a rivaling choice.

Finally we cap this list with yet another naked dog; the American Hairless Terrier. This breed is very much like a Jack Russell without fur. Like all terriers, this dog is relatively small and its hairless skin can be a variety of colors and color combinations. Naturally, their skin is sensitive to the sun and must be treated with sun block before an afternoon walk in the park. The bright side is these dogs give you the perfect excuse to dress them up.

So even though owning a dog is an extremely common move families make, these exotic breeds leave room for some personal creativity and quirkiness. Without a doubt, there are dogs out there suitable for any household regardless of how diverse or eccentric they may be.


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