Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kawasaki Bites Back with Big Bikes in 2012…

By Madame Margherite

We at Staten Island Kawasaki know that big bikes have always been a big deal in the motorcycle industry, but this year Ninjas have really come back better than ever trumping all models which have come before. Redesigned and reengineered Kawasaki has presented the market with substantial improvements made to their line of Super Sport bikes; most notably in the Ninja ZX-14R, the Ninja 1000 (commonly confused with the Ninja ZX-10R) and of course the z1000.

“Witness the Phenomenon” says manufacturer when debuting the 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R, a steep and dramatic upgrade from the 2011 1400cc monster of a machine. This year’s version features a sleeker, more aerodynamic body that distributes heat throughout the bike more evenly forcing it away from the rider making high performance racing more comfortable.

The ZX-14R keeps its signature side fairing fin design, this year with accentuating the lines for an even more dramatic look, but has reshaped the seat offering riders more thigh support—a valuable feature for competitive riding.

Power wise, this bike houses the same Inline-Four engine as last year’s model with displacement increased through a 4mm stroke addition giving this Superbike a whopping 1441cc to jump off of. The combustion chambers are reshaped along with the intake ports maximizing performance, and the camshafts feature revised profiles with a reinforced cam chain, allowing the engine to withstand higher rpm levels. Also, the pistons have gained strength and shed weight making the 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R the most competitive machine in the market.

Another Super Sport bike seducing us this year is the 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000. “Inspired by the track, bred for the street” this beauty took home last year’s place as “Motorcycle of the Year” and may do the same in 2012. While the Ninja 1000 was only born a year ago it has rolled out blazing. With optional ABS, Kawasaki signature Inline-Four engine, reduced vibration, and a stylish 4-into-2 catalyzer-equipped exhaust system that reduces emissions and gives the Ninja 1000 a pleasing growl without making too much noise.

The 2012 Ninja 1000 maintains its stunningly sexy look and upright aggressive riding position but has utilized effective engineering decreasing weight and increasing performance. Using the latest most advanced technology in lightweight production the Ninja 1000's chassis rolls on lightweight six-spoke Super sport rims, the single-shock system features a damper mounted nearly horizontally above the swing-arm for optimal stability, mass centralization and heat resistance. Additionally, this Superbike uses race-spec brakes - 300mm petal-type rotors up front squeezed by ultra-rigid radially mounted calipers fed hydraulic pressure by an equally race-spec radial pump master cylinder.

In English… Ninja 1000s look good, ride smooth, and stop on a dime. There’s no way to ignore this bike.  At Staten Island Kawasaki, New Yorkers rave about the power this bike puts out.

Right alongside the Ninja 1000 is its naked sibling the Z1000. The 2012 Kawasaki Z1000 has added some aesthetic details this year just allowing it to stand next to the other Supersports on the block. Available in either Candy Burnt Orange or Metallic Spark Black, this bike is featuring a low-mount front cowl that slopes back, accentuates the Z1000s stylishly sleek design and line-beam headlights integrated into the angled cowl gives her a futuristic look. The shapely fuel tank, flared on both sides, killing two birds with one stone, is easy to grip with your knees and trim at the back providing a snug fit all while being aesthetically pleasing.

Comfort has been met as well; the seat on this 2012 Kawasaki Z1000 is low and narrow at the front for reachable ground contact and flows aggressively to the rear contributing to this machines athletic shape.

Naturally, a motorcycle is only as big as its engine; powered from the 1043cc twin cam16-valve Inline-four it’s undeniable that this bike has power and can perform. The liquid-cooled, high-compression motor features a long stroke of 56mm for instant power, is fuel injected and has a six-speed transmission. This motorcycle was designed for low profile, sporty riding on the real-world streets.

Regardless of which Ninja fits you best, there’s no mistake that this year Kawasaki puts up a fight both on the track and in the streets and at Staten Island Kawasaki we make it possible for you to “Let the good times roll”.


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