Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meeting of Styles Hosted by 5 Pointz Turns Out to be Huge…

By Madame Margherite

This year’s Meeting of Styles hosted by the infamous 5 Pointz arts center accommodated over 110 artists from all over the world. Locals like NME, Cortez, Zimad, and Hoacs joined forces with international masters as well.

Spots on the walls of 5 Pointz were booked over a month in advance, and not one spot was left untouched. Every last piece was spectacular, and the event itself was larger than life. Certainly not an event anyone would want to miss in the future.

Aside from the artists who came out to contribute their skills, supporters and spectators came flocking in by the dozens. During live performances by Shiesty Heights, Bisco Smith and Craig G the loading dock was packed to capacity with excited viewers. The day was beautiful, the performances were dope, the art was amazing but most of all, the atmosphere was fresh and peaceful.

Texas native, Sloke, came all the way from Austen just to be a part of this spectacular event.

There was nothing but love and creativity thriving on the streets surrounding the 200,000 square foot building in Long Island City. NME, one of the Pioneering 5 Pointz supporters says that in his 20 years of graff writing he has been to events of equal magnitude but that this year’s Meeting of Styles was definitely one of the dopest events he’s been a part of. “No problems on a beautiful day” as he describes it, and that’s just the way it should be.

He pointed out the pleasantries of seeing artists, both foreign and local who he might not have other wise run into come together and share their skills side by side each other. The atmosphere was perfect and everyone came in peace to have a great time as expected. You can’t ask for more than that.

Hope to see you next year.


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