Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Years Doggie Resolutions...

By Madame Margherite

Every year we each make a decision to change our ways or break a habit to improve life for the better, but dogs don't realize it's New Year's and they may need help deciding what best to resolute. You as master and owner must take the leash, and show them the way. Here are some doggie resolutions you and your favorite pup can work together at making this a better year than last.

If this is your pets first New Year's celebration than you probably want their resolution to be something that will help them mature into a full grown dog either behaviorally or physically. Teething is always an issue with puppies, so maybe you can come up with a plan suitable for you and your dog on getting them the right types of objects to chew, and teaching them what not to chew. Another important factor of growing up is obedience. You may want to pick two or three commands you want your dog to remember for life, and set aside a little time each week practicing these commands, rewarding them with treats every time they get it right and obey.

Perhaps going potty outside is an issue for your pup? If so, that gradually help them get over their timidness by reinforcing comfort, thus encouraging them to do their business outside instead of on a Wee-Wee pad. Finally, puppies need to socialize with other dogs and people outside of those in your family circle. You may want to help socialize your dog and plan some outdoor-social activities for you and your pet to help greet them into the world around you. All perfectly suitable resolutions for a young and growing puppy.

If your best furry friend is already beyond their developing years than perhaps you may want to take a different approach to your pets needs, and focus on their health. Just like us, sometimes a dog needs a diet too. As a dog eases into their adult years it's important to have a strict feeding routine with specific portions to maintain a perfect body weight. Obesity is just as dangerous for a dog as it is for a human. If your dog doesn't have weight issues, then perhaps you can commit yourself to their grooming upkeep. Most dogs don't like baths and fur-cuts but it is a necessity and perhaps this year you can help make it a more common activity, and perhaps your dog could get used to it. An increase in play, and exorcise are also some suggestions you may want to consider.

Elderly dogs may need help figuring out what their New Year's resolution should be also. Despite their experience and wisdom, they still need that extra push to get their imaginations going. As a dog gets older it becomes more important to enforce and maintain routine. You may want to do this through mild activities such as having your pet go for an after dinner stroll with you, or having them do a specific trick every night. This will help them focus and will strengthen their memories. Tricks or exorcises using their vision or hearing are always beneficial as age wares these senses down.

Since your pet is getting up there in age, perhaps your decided resolution is more along the lines of giving your beloved pet some extra attention or special treatment like buying them some dog accessories or doggie sweaters just to let them know how much you appreciate their years of loyalty to you. Or perhaps you want to play with them more, creating more good times to remember for the both of you. Don't forget the camera when you do have special events though. More practical resolutions may involve an upgraded nutrition regimen including vitamins, or keeping an eye on claw and fur growth.

Whatever stage of the game your pet is at, remember that they are a part of the family, and so you want to include them in all your holiday celebrations and traditions in some way. Either way, they will have as much fun as you will, and they'll love you for the attention. So this year show love, and achieve your goals while helping your pet achieve theirs. Have a happy New Year, you and the dog!


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