Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Five Intelligent Dog Breeds that have gone Unnoticed...

By Madame Margherite

Granted, you can search for the most intelligent dog breeds in America and find dozens of articles giving praise to the beloved Boarder Collie, and the clever Poodle, however there are so many intelligent dog breeds that simply go unnoticed. Breeds like the Jack Russell Terrier, Siberian Husky, and the all too smart for their own good Beagle. Well today, we shine a light on these prestigious pups and grant them the recognition they deserve.

Our first mention on this list of smart puppies is the Jack Russell Terrier. This small, energetic breed is the perfect companion for someone who appreciates character. These dogs are known for their remarkable common sense and ability to judge situations. They are great hunters and will take control of their pack and household if you as their owner let them. Jack Russell Terriers have a great temperament and are easily trainable. Four-year-old female, appropriately named Jackie, is a perfect example of these traits. She understands commands and conversation in both Russian and English and can be trusted to cross the street on her own always looking both ways.

Another small body with a big brain is the Beagle. Yes, I said Beagle. This breed is often misjudged to be a bit dumb due to its tendency to wonder off ignoring the calls of their owners. On the contrary, that is simply the result of their determination and curiosity. Beagles have the strong desire to walk their own paths and uncover the answers to mysteries surrounding them. Made famous by Charles Shultz, the Beagle was the chosen breed to bring life to the Peanuts character Snoopy because of this dog’s experimental and investigative reputation. As we all know, in every skit Snoopy is always up to a new challenge, pursuing a new adventure, or proving a new point- a clear example of the everyday life of a Beagle.

Third on our list is the Dalmatian. This breed made mascot of Firefighters, demands leadership and is in constant need of activity. Though the Dalmatian is not the most patient dog, they are of high intelligence. These dogs are rarely fond of children, especially the type of child who likes to taunt, poke, or ride on the backs of dogs. Granted this breed can most certainly be characterized as high-strung but they also an exceptional sense of life’s value, which is why this is the chosen breed of Firehouses. This brave and relentless dog will run into a burning building to rescue someone, even if that someone happens to be a small child who once tugged on that Dalmatian’s ears.

Ringing in at number four, is the Basenji. This dog is not one of the most popular breeds but they are most certainly loved and appreciated by those who do recognize their value. Basenji was on the brink of extinction at one point in time but was rescued in order to preserve their intelligence. This is a breed that aims to please and is therefore easily trainable. They are highly energetic and fearless to a fault. Unfortunately, the biggest problem of owning a Basenji is keeping them from harms way. Due to their courageous demeanor these dogs will in all cases stand their ground even if it means certain death. They’re also very quiet dogs, they are smart enough to know it is best to silently attack an intruder rather than warn them off. Perhaps that is why these dogs were chosen as guardians and spared from extinction.

There are so many dog breeds that deserve to be on this list, but to close the ranking we acknowledge the Siberian Husky. This is a dog that truly has a mind of its own and can lack obedience for that very reason. If you do not prove your dominance, this dog will never obey your command; there would be no point in that as this dog believes. However, the reason this dog is known for dragging sleds through the snow is due to their ability to problem solve. If this dog’s owner becomes sick or injured they can rely on the Husky to apply his or her best efforts to bring them to safety. They can navigate through any terrain and survive the toughest conditions. Siberian Huskies join together and work as a team when needed to do so and can set differences aside when push comes to shove.

So there we have it, five intelligent dog breeds that have gone unrecognized by much of the public, now have their dog day in glory. The next time you set out to acquire a puppy ask yourself “what type of intelligence do I want in my dog?” Do you want a dog that can simply obey commands? Or do you want a dog that can make a valuable decision for themselves? Do you want a dog that will simply bark at an entering stranger? Or do you want a dog that will serve and protect you at all costs? What traits in breed of dog are important to you?


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