Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Justin Bua Comes to the Defense of 5Pointz…

By Madame Margherite

For years, author and fine artists, Justin Bua, has been an advocate for the things he loves. Hip-hop, urban art and animal rights are just a few spectrums where Bua’s impact has made a huge difference.

Now Bua, currently residing in LA, comes to the defense of 5Pointz, the largest legal graff site in the world, and an iconic structure of urban art across the globe. Plans to destroy our building have caught the attention of artists and supporters across the entire country to say the least, and have sent a shockwave furiously blanketing our youth and culture.

“5Pointz is a graffiti mecca that provides an outlet for artists who otherwise might not have a place to paint a piece legally. It is a true graffiti museum, showcasing the art form the way it is meant to be viewed, while providing an aesthetic to the neighborhood unlike any other. It would be a great loss if it were to be taken away from the community.” Bua exclaims.

Many years ago a mental institution was eliminated not far from where Justin Bua lived at the time. The mentally ill residents of the facility were released on to the New York streets where they found themselves lost and homeless.

Witnessing this tragic catastrophe Bua decided to illuminate the heartless abuse of the homeless and distraught victims by portraying them in his paintings and drawings. Now a generation later, the safe haven for people in desperate need of a creative outlet, and sincere love for this diverse art form and culture face the possibility of being without a dwelling for their thoughts and home for their works as well.
“If home is where your heart is at, and this is where my heart is, then 5Pointz is home to me” one supporter says. Hopefully, with the continuous love, help, and support of giants such as Justin Bua, and fans like those who flood the loading dock each sunny day, perhaps the struggle to hold onto and protect our beloved building won’t be so tough.

We give thanks to Bua and the BUA crew for lending us their support, and we give props to all those who have stood faithfully by our side. You have kept us strong, and continue to allow us to grow stronger.


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