Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Generations of Photography: Robert Longo...

By Madame Margherite

April marks ten years that Robert Longo is in the photography business. While most of his time consists of talking brides off the ledge, his more constructive work results in breathtaking images of people celebrating the most important days of their lives. Being the photographer at a wedding is such an intimate position to be in that brides often bond with the man behind the camera, while grooms just sit back and hope that everything turns out okay.

Robbie all too often gets too much information from brides as he tries to interview them about their weddings photo requests, but it’s just part of the job he says. With over one hundred and forty weddings under his belt per year, Longo finds it hard to capture his artistic freedom and wishes to venture out into more creative fields in the future. At times he claims he may have joined the photography business just to say he has his own camera.

Growing up in a family full of well established photographers, Robbie’s technological curiosity was often stifled by the words “don’t touch the camera”. So in rebellion, once he was old enough and could afford it on his own he purchased a camera himself, one that no one else could touch, and began snapping away.

Now he’s one of the most highly recommended and requested photographers in the tri-state area and practically runs the office at Riccardo Studios at 346 New Dorp Lane in Staten Island New York. So what’s in store for the future of this amazing camera man? Perhaps a book or a feature film. He says that if it were up to him his work would be geared towards Reflecting the darker side of people, setting them aside from their surroundings and revealing only the truth in its purest essence. Whatever this artistic genius chooses to do we can expect only the best from Sir Robert M Longo. an expect only the best from Sir Robert M Longo.


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