Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Young Buck, Ikki, Hits the Walls with Meres...

By Madame Margherite

Only ten months deep as an artist and youngin’ Ikki can already say he’s worked with the best. Introduced to Meres during a live painting event behind the former art gallery Alphabeta, Ikki was instantly hooked on the idea of joining 5 Pointz.

Without much experience or knowledge about the world of graff-art Ikki’s enthusiasm was elevated when he was personally invited to tour the building by the founder himself.

Apparently, seeing the 19 year old novice as a prospect shortly after meeting him, Meres asked him if he would help out with a huge 5 Pointz project. Naturally the flattered teen accepted the challenge. Right after the repainting of one of the building walls some of the tags needed to be replaced; unfortunately not all the artists were able to return to recreate their work so it was up to Meres and his new sidekick to get cracking.

Ikki and Meres World Champs

Day and night, with little sleep, together the two of them worked from opposite spectrums of skill but towards the same goal, and before long the entire walls worth of masterpieces were complete. For Ikki it was a learning experience to say the least. Granted this young artist has a long way to go, but with a mentor as dedicated as Meres his future is bright.

Even his name was inspired by art. Anime characters from Medabots and Air Gear owned the name Ikki, but he was so inspired by it he decided to bring it to life by claiming it as his own. Impressively unique, no other writer uses Ikki for a tag but him- and if he continues on the path he’s currently on, one day everyone will know it’s his.

He says his plans for the future include going for Automotive Technician training, however he also intends to build his portfolio and take his artistic talents world wide painting the globe along side the best. “My generation of artists are coming along, growing up and learning from mentors like Meres” says Ikki, and with a place like 5 Pointz allowing his creativity to flourish this kid will achieve his dreams. On behalf of 5 Pointz I thank Ikki for his inspiring contribution.


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