Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Watercraft Shipping and Winterization Tips and Tricks

By Madame Margherite

The season for swimming has come to an end unless you’re one of those polar bear type people, in which case the season is just beginning. But for the rest of us who like take out our jet skies, speed boats, and miscellaneous vehicles, right about now is when we need to start thinking about winterization. It’s never fun and sometimes costly but it’s an important necessity that must be carried out. Here are some tips to properly winterizing your craft and watercraft shipping tips.

First things first, you want to maintenance and preserve the following three components of your vehicle: your fuel tank, your engine, and your battery. Servicing your fuel tank is easy. Basically all you have to do is top it off while adding some fuel stabilizer to the gas. That does exactly what it sounds like; it stabilizes the gas preventing it from going bad over the winter due to fluctuating temperatures. The fuel in your tank is like any other oil based fluid and can get thick and mucky when temperatures drop; this is definitely a process you want to avoid.

If you enjoy your water sport in a marina of some sort chances are they have a department that will shrink wrap your craft for you. If not, than you can simply purchase the appropriate cover and do this your self. It’s less effective than having a professional do it for you, but it’s good enough if done properly. When you’re ready to move your craft contact your trusted auto transport company and they’ll take care of the rest for you.

Car transporters don’t only deal with cars, they deal with all types of vehicles and are used to watercraft shipping of all sizes, including boats. It’s not wise to try and try watercraft shipping yourself. You can run into a lot of problems such as safely securing the craft to your vehicle, and transporting it without suffering exterior damages.

Ask your car transport company to arrange watercraft shipping. All auto transporters have shipping services that they offer, and they will know the best solutions for watercraft shipping. You’ll save money by going through your car transport company, and you’ll be able to rest easy until the spring. Keep your watercraft warm, and enjoy the winter.


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