Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mariella’s Session at Session73; Freestylin’ on a Tuesday Night…

By Madame Margherite

Two of 5Pointz’ more supportive entities came together last night to produce one incredible evening of food, music and entertainment. Facilitated by Marie of M Events, singer Mariella took the stage at Session73, a venue in NYC which has hosted numerous events and fundraisers for 5Pointz, and delivered a much anticipating audience with the finest jazz sprinkled with a dash of hip-hop that the city has to offer.

While this was not a 5Pointz event, it did cultivate a union of friends; 5Pointz and crew, as well as many others, came out to send love and give back some of the support that Mariella and her band has so generously given us over the last decade. The performance was about as live as it gets; as performers Rabbi Darkside and Grey Matter joined the songstress and ensemble on stage to contribute some beatboxing and freestyle skills, the crowd chimed in my chanting “Freestylin’ on a Tuesday night”, an ode to the 10th year anniversary of Freestyle Mondays hosted by Mariella and Illspokinn and co-founded by Rabbi Darkside.

A huge crowd from HSS also joined the audience adding to the gracious atmosphere. It was a real pleasure seeing such a diverse group of people delight in the unique sounds of Mariella and all those who occupied the stage. But what would a night like this be without art? There was that too. Long time artist See TF captured the beauty and essence of the talented singer in a large black and white portrait that he painted live during the event. The piece was simply breathtaking and the expression on Mariella’s face when the work was finally unveiled was priceless.

Once again Session73 has hosted an outstanding evening that gave some much needed downtime to the hard workers and supporters of art and hip-hop in general. Perhaps, this could become a regular thing.


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